Subsidiary of ELSEWEDY CABLES - AAMAL joint venture

0.6/1 kV CU/XLPE/SWA/PVC or CU/XLPE/TCW+SWA/PVC from 2 up to 61 cores  up to 6 mm²

Solid or stranded copper conductor Class 1 and Class 2 respectively, cross linked polyethylene insulation, non-hygroscopic filler and tape – optional, polyvinyl chloride bedding, galvanized steel wire armour, polyvinyl chloride outer sheath.
KAHRAMAA Requirements | armour: tinned copper wire and galvanized steel wire, water blocking tape before and after armour.

QP Requirements | sheath: polyvinyl chloride which has low smoke property and limited (>17%) acidic gas emission, flame retardant Cat A, aliphatic hydrocarbon, moisture, oil, and anti-termite resistant.

Designed and manufactured according to international standards: IEC 60502-1, BS 5467 and in accordance with the specifications and requirements of KAHRAMAA or QP.